- Welcoming Committee Information for Hampton Plantation
The Hampton Plantation Welcoming Committee has created an electronic page here on the Hampton Plantation Website to house introductory information to assist new or potential owners in becoming part of our community.  Directions for registering to the Hampton Plantation website are included and we encourage you as a new owner to register as soon as possible.  Contact information is provided in many of these documents to assist you in adjusting to your new location here on SSI and specifically within Hampton Plantation.
HP Welcome Letter:   /editor_upload/File/1-HP%20Welcome%20Letter.pdf
HP Directors and Committees:  /editor_upload/File/2-HP%20Directors%20%26%20Committees-1.pdf
HP Rules, Regulations, and Covenants:  /editor_upload/File/3-HP%20Rules%2C%20Regs%2C%20Covenants.pdf
Accessing HPPOA Website-Portal:  /editor_upload/File/4-Accessing%20HPPOA%20Website-Portal.pdf
Exploring the HPPOA Website: /editor_upload/File/5-Exploring%20the%20HPPOA%20Website.pdf
Glynn County Information regarding Garbage/Waste/Recycling:  /editor_upload/File/6-Garbage-Waste-Recycling.pdf
Glynn County Entertainment-Restaurants:  /editor_upload/File/7-Entertainment-Restaurants.pdf
SSI Seasonal Issues:  /editor_upload/File/8-Seasonal%20Issues.pdf
WELCOME to Hampton Plantation!
Your Welcoming Committee