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Hampton Plantation is a beautiful neighborhood at the very northern end of Hampton Point on historic Saint Simons Island, Georgia.  The area is lush with many types of palm trees, Live oak trees, large pine trees, tropical plants, and flowers that bloom for many months a year.  It is also common to see deer, armadillos, and other wildlife in the area and on the golf course fairways.  Hampton Plantation is home to he King and Prince Golf Course.  
With a history dating back to the land granted by King George II to General James Edward Oglethorpe, the land was later sold as a farm on which to grow cotton and rice. The many acres became known as Hampton Plantation. During this period of history, large farms were often referred to as Plantations.  After the Civil War, cotton production on Hampton Plantation began to falter and attempts failed to revive it on a share-crop basis. This, with the burning of the old mansion in 1871, resulted in the owners giving up on the planting of cotton. The land lay dormant for many years becoming a wilderness once again. During War II, there was a lookout on the northwest end of the island in the spot where, two centuries earlier, Oglethorpe had stationed the New Hampton outpost. The historic land was then developed in 1989 by the King and Prince Hotel and named after the historic homesite, Hampton Plantation.
Founding families provided the source for rich historical fiction by Georgia author, Eugenia Price, who wrote about the early days on St. Simons Island. The residents of the north end of the island were prominent in her novels and many streets on the north end of St. Simons Island remain named after those families.
In 1989, Hampton Plantation was developed, and currently consists of approximately 320 home sites of various sizes all intertwined with the highly acclaimed King and Prince Golf Course. The award-winning golf course has a clubhouse, pool, and tennis facilities.  Many home sites are directly on the "Marshes of Glynn", made famous by poet Sydney Lanier.  With its many views of sunsets over the marsh and nearby Hampton Marina facilities it's easy to see why Hampton Plantation is one of the favorite neighborhoods on Saint Simons Island. Modern Hampton Plantation hosts residents from many regions of the world and does not discriminate based on race, religion, country of origin, or gender preference. Diversity is welcomed.